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Respitrack replaces all the programs you’ve used in the past to manage scheduling, conduct timekeeping, log mileage, and send communications to clients and workers. Respitrack offers a simple online solution to making your business more efficient and capable of focusing on the bigger picture. Our streamlined system makes information accessible and easy to use. It’s information at your fingertips!

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Mobile App

  • Caregivers and clients have access to information wherever they go
  • Caregiver’s ability to clock in/out
  • Submit timecards
  • Approve client’s hours

Easy Access for Clients/Families

  • Convenient appointment and confirmation system via the mobile app
  • Ability to track hours for remote care, prevent overages, and verify usage
  • Instant access to workers who provided past services

Online Appointment System

  • View schedules
  • Track hours remaining in a period
  • Maximize the use of hours allocated
  • Provides real-time information

Timekeeping System

  • Tracks and records every service
  • Utilizes Electronic Visit Verification to ensure accuracy in timekeeping
  • Provides to-the-minute data
  • Identifies client & worker
  • Monitors clock in/outs of workers


Database conveniently tracks:

  • Client and staff data (e.g., language, siblings, client’s likes, special requests)
  • Number of authorized hours
  • Authorization expiration date
  • Private pay
  • Provides historical reports including total available hours, usage, and audit trails

Mobile Connection for Remote Workers and their Clients

Respitrack’s App Allows Remote Workers and Clients to:

  • Request and schedule appointments on the go
  • Clock in/out for Client/Caregiver appointments
  • Approve and verify hours
  • Communicate with admin through text messages
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