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Simple to Use

Respitrack is a one-stop solution to handling your administrative, payroll, billing, and scheduling needs.

Saves Time and Money

No need to purchase separate software programs! Respitrack integrates many administrative services you need for your out-of-office staff and clients. Respitrack can pay for itself through the efficiencies it provides.

Reduces Paperwork

Eliminates the need to manually input paperwork from remote staff and automates workflow.

EVV Compliance

Provides a convenient solution to the 21st  Century Cares Act.

Instant Access to Up-to-Date Information

Our cloud-based system means you can access your confidential data at any time, from anywhere.

Happy Clients and Caregivers

Your caregivers and clients will appreciate the ease of scheduling appointments, tracking mileage, viewing available hours, and asking questions through Respitrack’s mobile app.

Helpful Support Team

Receive professional, friendly assistance from people who understand your business and have been in your shoes.

Ready, Set, Grow!

With improved efficiencies, Respitrack affiliates are positioned for growth.

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Client and Family Benefits

  • Convenient online appointment request and confirmation system
  • Simple text messaging system for communication to administrative staff
  • Ability to track hours of remote care, prevent overages, and verify usage
  • Instant access to view care worker historical data

Remote Staff Benefits

  • Ability to clock in/out via mobile app – eliminating trips to the office
  • Instant access to online data for schedules, hours, and more
  • Time-keeping system to keep track of hours worked for payroll
  • Online review, approval, and submission of time sheets (including associated mileage)
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Administrative Staff Benefits

  • On-demand access to real-time data
  • Improved quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Tracking of scheduled hours versus actual hours worked and alerts for discrepancies
  • Less paperwork, higher efficiency, and improved communication
  • Reduced errors with convenient scheduling features
  • Increased accuracy in billing and payroll
  • Comprehensive and integrated database
  • Reduced software and equipment needs
  • Respitrack customer care team online assistance

Owner, Executive and Stakeholder Benefits

  • Improves efficiencies and workflow by automating processes
  • Reduces labor hours associated with manual data entry – paying for itself!
  • Integrates many administrative services for clients and remote staff
  • Positions agencies for growth and improved profitability
  • Eliminates need to maintain several software packages
  • Satisfies EVV Compliance
  • Ensures suitable levels of access based on personal role and data sensitivity
  • Provides instant access to mission-critical data and metrics
  • Secures and protects your data in the Cloud
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