Simple to Use – RespiTrack is a one stop solution to handling your administrative, payroll and scheduling needs

Saves Time and Money – No need to purchase separate software programs! RespiTrack integrates all the administrative services you need for your out-of-office staff and clients.

Reduces Paperwork – Eliminates the need to manually input paperwork from remote staff and automates workflow.

EVV Compliance – Provides a convenient solution to the 21st  Century Cares Act.

Instant Access to Up-to-Date Information – Our cloud-based system means you can access your confidential data at any time, from anywhere

Happy Clients and Staff – Your staff and clients will appreciate the ease of  scheduling appointments, tracking mileage and asking questions through RespiTrack online.

Helpful Support Team – Receive professional, friendly assistance from people who understand your business and have been in your shoes

Ready, Set. Grow – With improved efficiencies, RespiTrack clients are positioned for growth.

Customer/Client Benefits

  • Convenient online appointment and confirmation system
  • Option to request workers based on location
  • Ability to track hours for remote care, prevent overages and verify usage
  • Instant access to view care worker historical data

Remote Staff Benefits

  • Ability to clock in and out telephonically or online – eliminating trips to the office
  • Instant access to online data for schedules, hours and more
  • Time keeping system recognizes incorrect hours, sends confirmations and alerts for scheduling
  • Online review, approval and submission of time sheets (including associated mileage)

Administrative Staff Benefits

  • On-Demand Access to real-time data
  • Improved quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Tracking of scheduled hours versus actual hours worked and alerts for discrepancies
  • Less paperwork, higher efficiency and improved communication
  • Reduced errors with automatic scheduling
  • Increased accuracy in billing and payroll
  • Comprehensive and integrated database
  • Reduced software and equipment needs
  • RespiTrack customer care team online assistance

Owner, Executive and Stakeholder Benefits

  • Improves efficiencies and workflow by automating processes
  • Reduces labor hours associated with data entry and manual processes
  • Integrates all administrative services for clients and remote staff
  • Positions agencies for growth and improved profitability
  • Eliminates need to maintain several software packages
  • Satisfies EVV Compliance
  • Ensures suitable levels of access based on personal role and data sensitivity
  • Provides instant access to mission-critical data and metrics
  • Secures and protects your data in the Cloud
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