System Requirements

RespiTrack is a web-based and telephonic system, so the browser you use is highly important for achieving optimal functionality. Operating systems with newer browsers will enhance the overall RespiTrack experience.

Suggested system requirements include:


  • Firefox* (version 20 or higher )
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Chrome (version 25 or higher )
  • Safari

*All major browsers will work with RespiTrack; however, Firefox is our preferred browser

Supported Operating System

  • Windows (version 2007 or higher)
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

Software Requirements

  • License to use MS Access (version 2007 or higher)

Workstation and Tablets

  • RespiTrack can be used on any computer** with  2 or more GB of RAM.
  • Android and iPad tablets** can also be used to access the RespiTrack site

**High-speed internet access and supported operating system required

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