EVV Solutions

With Respitrack’s Electronic Visit Verification system, you’re able to elevate your client care while reducing potential billing errors and annoying paperwork.  Workers can check in by phone using password protected codes. Utilizing the optional GPS feature, you’ll be aware of where they are, when they start and when they leave the client’s home or location.  It’s all done electronically, streamlining your billing and payroll process and ensuring your clients are receiving the top level care you set out to provide.

  • Reduce late starts or missed visit
  • Improve patient care by reducing late starts or missed visits
  • Reduce paper documentation traditionally associated with visit verification
  • Increase productivity and efficiency for remote staff
  • Reduce timekeeping errors

What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) provides an easy to use, electronic means of verifying that a caregiver is physically at a specific location and tracks their arrival and departure time from a scheduled patient visit.  With RespiTrack, you can be confident of meeting the requirements set out by the 21 Century Cares Act.

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